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Interplanetary Crowdfunding on BitcoinCash

An uncensorable peer-to-peer crowdfunding protocol
designed to grow humanity's cooperation and mutual support
by making fundraising easy, resilient, and more open.

How Interplanetary Flipstarter works

Here's what happens when you create a campaign

When you create a fundraiser, the form data (title, start/end, content) is combined with a site template, cryptographically hashed, and given a unique link with a seemingly random string of characters called a content identifier (CID). This CID acts as a permanent record to your fundraiser as it exists at that point in time.

When other nodes look up your campaign , they ask their peer nodes who's storing the content referenced by this CID. When they view or download your content, they cache a copy — and become another provider of your campaign until their cache is cleared.

A node can pin your campaign in order to keep (and provide) it forever. This means each node in the network only stores content it is interested in, plus some indexing information that helps figure out which node is storing what.

If you add a new version of your campaign to IPFS, its cryptographic hash is different, and so it gets a new CID. This means files stored on IPFS are resistant to tampering and censorship — any changes to fundraising data won't overwrite the original, and common chunks across files can be reused in order to minimize storage costs.

However, this doesn't mean you need to remember a long string of CIDs — nodes can find the latest version of your campaign using DNSLinks to map CIDs to human-readable DNS names.

Unlike standard crypto payments where all inputs and all outputs are signed — contributors only sign for their own inputs and all outputs — in other words, anyone can help pay the same outputs and funds never leave the wallet until the agreed upon amount is reached.